About Us

Good Morning Syria is an innovative bilingual website on politics, media and culture in Syria. It focuses on the daily lives of Syrians from all over the country, who struggle to survive in their war-torn homeland.

Editor in Chief: Mahmud Abdur-Rahman
Deputy editor in chief: Zain Yabrodi
Video and photo editor: Basel al-Malla

Since 2015 Good Morning Syria has offered in-depth reports, interviews, features and analysis delivered by a network of Syrian reporters, photographers and video/audio-makers. The correspondents in Syria are managed and trained by an international team of editors based abroad.

As a consequence of the uprising, a wide range of new channels became available to the thriving Syrian civil society, which is still struggling to raise its voice louder than the various warring factions. Journalism is part of this picture, as numerous Syrians started working for the media to inform the international community about their tragedy.

After more than half a century of harsh restrictions on professional journalism, their efforts are now in need of support in every Syrian region, regardless of the identity of the local ruler.

The project stems from the selection of a team of extremely skilled Syrian journalists in the early phase of their careers, which will liaise with a group of experts in order to reach out to Arab and international media. Furthermore, Good Morning Syria seeks to clarify the flow of information coming out of Syria, in a conflict which is too often simplified as a ‘muddled’ situation in the Western media.

Finally, the project aims at bridging the gap between Western media and Syrian journalists in a context featured by one of the highest rate of kidnappings in the world, where foreign reporters rarely get the chance to independently verify facts on the ground.

Good Morning Syria is determined to become a major source of information on the country’s unfolding events in the context of global media while maintaining a distinctively Syrian perspective.