(Photo No.1 - Ariha - Idlib - 1-11-2015 [Ghazal/Good Morning Syria])
(Ariha, Idlib, Syria) Photo No.1: “My name is Samer (1)…This is where my father used to stand before me and where he was killed in May while working. Here I am today, standing in the same place to continue his journey of generosity.
“My father was killed in cold blood. It was an extremely harsh day for me, and an extremely painful one for all my friends and the people of my city, Ariha, because of that damned plane crash.”
A regime aircraft crashed due to a mechanical failure on 13 May 2015, causing a massacre in the city.
Photo No. 2: “I’m Omar… I’m the only one left in this place. In spite of what happened and what will happen, I still work here every day.
“Here (in the main market) is where I grew up and where I worked with my father who used to sell sweets (Arabic shaʿbyyat). Times have changed, but I stand here today right where I have been for over fifty years. My job has also changed along with the residents’ financial situation and my own circumstances. I am still happy to work and smoke my cigarettes.
“I have so many hopes and dreams that will come true, God willing.”
Photo No. 3: “My name is Khalid, I am a father of five, and I used to live in Ariha with my family, but the regime shelled our home about five months ago. I have no place to go now, except for my father’s house in a village close to the city.”
Photo No. 4: “I’m Salih, as you see, I’m a fruit seller. I’m almost thirty years old and I live with my parents, wife and children in the same house made of only three rooms.
“I’m happy in spite of all the troubles.”


Real names have been withheld for security reasons.