On the Way to Hama

A group of young artists offer a gift to the people of as-Salamiyyah (eastern countryside of Hama) in the aftermath of a sectarian crime perpetrated in the northern governorate of Idlib.

(Photo: Shmemis citadel - as-Salamiyyah - Hama - spring 1995 [Haisam Kassim/via Creative Commons CC BY-SA 3.0])
(Idlib, Syria) The incident referred to in the song took place in Idlib, a governorate with a majority of Sunni residents, on 18 March 2015: a number of Shiʿa Ismaʿili civilians from as-Salamiyyah were killed for sectarian reasons. “I wrote the song after four people from as-Salamiyyah were killed in Idlib as they were headed to the Bab al-Hawa border crossing,” the song’s writer and singer explained. As for the lyrics, he said that “they mirror our love for as-Salamiyyah and our distaste for sectarianism.”

I wept and wept blood, oh mother,
On my way to Hama.
Tears filled my eyes, mother,
When I spotted the name of as-Salamiyyah.
We lived our whole lives, mother,
In the resplendent city of Idlib,
And we wrote this song, mother,
Our hearts torn to pieces.
I sing these words, mother,
And offer them as a gift
To the people of as-Salamiyyah, mother,
As no one is dearer to me than them.
I wept and wept blood, mother.