Playing with Fear pt.I

Photographer “Ghazal” lends his words to the children of the province of Idlib. (Click on the pictures to view them in their original dimensions).

(Photo 1: In the Dark - Syrian-Turkish border- Idlib -ʿA’idun displacement camp - 2-2-2012 - [Mohammad Amen Qurabi (Ghazal)/Good Morning Syria])

1. In the Dark (Syrian-Turkish border, Idlib, ʿA’idun displacement camp) “‘Tomorrow, we will go back,’ my mother keeps saying that since we arrived here. I have been in this place for six months. I sleep in a plastic tent with a wooden board for a ceiling. I get cold and thirsty at night, but I dare not move in darkness.”

2. Hope (Syrian-Turkish border, Idlib, ʿA’idun displacement camp) “My name is Salma. I don’t know what crosses my mind whenever the rain falls, but I do know that there is a God who will answer my prayers and take me back to my warm bed.”

3. Armed with Corncobs (Idlib, Harim town) “We eat corn, play around, and get our clothes dirty. Then, we shower and sleep.” To them, this is life.