Playing with Fear pt.II

Photographer “Ghazal” lends his words to the children of the province of Idlib. (Click on the pictures to view them in their original dimensions).

(Photo 1: Winter games - Syrian-Turkish border - Idlib - 'Atma displacement camp - 15-1-2012 - [Mohammad Amen Qurabi (Ghazal)/Good Morning Syria])

1. Winter Games (Syrian-Turkish border, Idlib, ‘Atma displacement camp) “We are cold indeed. It snowed here last night, but we’re happy because we got to play in the snow and had a good time.”

2. The Fearful Wait (Idlib, Ariha town) “The airplanes shelled our home. We are now at the hospital with dad, waiting for mom to come out of the operating room.”

3. Hanin (Idlib, Ariha town).