Regime’s Closure of Houla Dam Harms Talaf Fishermen

The difficulties faced by fishermen in the opposition-held countryside of Hama to provide for their families.  This video report originally appeared on SMART News Agency on 30 March 2016, and you can find the original here.  (Filmed by: Samer al-Homsi, prepared by: Muhyeddin ʿAbdul-Rzzaq, supervised by: Sultan Jalabi). 

(Photo: Syrian fisherman in Talaf)
(Talaf, Hama countryside) After the regime closed the Houla Dam in Homs northern countryside and tightened its siege on the local towns and villages, as well as neighbouring regions such as the southern countryside of Hama, fishermen in the town of Talaf started suffering from the lack of fishes in nearby ash-Shaqqah river.