Syrian Students Deserve Schools

A digital video map relating the stories of three students and their attempts to pursue their studies despite the hardships of the on-going war.


(Aleppo, Syria) Everywhere around the world, we see children disrelishing the thought of going to school. In Syria as well, Razan used to hope for a mishap that would let her skip school. It happened to Adnan too, as he only liked going to school when a trip was to take place. As for Muhammad, he was never excited about school either, except for the days when he had gym class and he could stay out in the yard longer than usual. Today, however, Razan, Adnan, and Muhammad dream of sitting back of those stiff wooden chairs again, of being called up to the blackboard, of feeling bored during dictation and looking out the window to seek the comfort of a nearby tree.


A team of civil actors that implements media campaigns and human development projects in opposition-held neighbourhoods in Aleppo.